How Can Arya Samaj Marriage Help In Court Marriage?

How Can Arya Samaj Marriage Help In Court Marriage?

Arya Samaj marriages are not only simple but also act as a middle ground when the couple are from different religions that fall under the broad umbrella of Hindus in India. This is especially an option taken by couples where one person belongs to Buddhism, Jainism or Sikh faith. The ceremony is performed adhering to the vedic rituals in an Arya Samaj temple and it is legally recognised. In fact, there is Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937 provided under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Types of marriage registrations

Much like the traditional Hindu marriage, the couple who opt for this, must get the marriage registered under section 8 of the Act by visiting the district marriage registration office, where the marriage took place.

Since the couple may have different faiths, an Arya Samaj marriage can be registered either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, in case both couple are of the same faith, or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, where it’s inter-faith marriage.

Six step procedure for Arya Samaj registration

1. Make an appointment at the sub divisional magistrate’s office. It takes at least a fortnight, so it’s advisable to start this procedure before the marriage takes place.
2. Fill the registration form.
3. Submit proofs of dates of birth of the couple.
4. Two passport size photographs of the bride and the groom will be needed along with a photograph of the marriage and marriage invitation card (optional).
5. Two witnesses who have to be physically present to sign
6. Attestation of gazetted officer is mandatory.
7. After fulfilling all the formalities, the magistrate’s office will grant the marriage certificate, which is legally recognised by the court.

Why court registration is better

It’s important to note that an Arya Samaj marriage certificate is not a valid proof of the couple’s marriage abroad. The certificate holds value only in India. This can, however, be easily solved by registering the marriage with the sub registrar’s office as mentioned above. In case, the certification is issued in a local language, you will have to get it translated to English to show it in countries outside India.